Play Ball!

Only three days to start the WBC Qualifier Panama, and breathes baseball and in the streets of the city. Our national team has a roster of luxury in which include the likes of Carlos Lee, Calicho Ruiz, Ruben Tejada, and other majors. We also have a great Coach as is Robert Kelly, reigning World Series with the San Francisco Giants. There are very excited and confident that we will reach our third WBC, but we know the competition will be very difficult.

Selections from Colombia, Brazil, and Nicaragua also have major league players as Everth Cabrera, Yan Gomes, Edgar Renteria, among others. It will be a very difficult competition where losing a single game can leave you without options. And in a sport as complicated as it is baseball, you never know what will happen.

For our part, what we can promise is that they will be a real show. On Thursday all the Rod Carew! On Thursday we cry Play Ball!.

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World Baseball Classic